Frene Ginwala Obituary, GOOD Mourns Frene Ginwala’s Death

Frene Ginwala Obituary, Death– We have learned with deep grief of the passing of Dr. Frene Ginwala, who was a pillar of light in our country and the founding Speaker of our first democratic Parliament. We say this with great sadness since we have learned of his passing. This information has been revealed to us, and our hearts are broken.

During this trying time, we want to let the family, friends, and former employees of Dr. Ginwala know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Dr. Frene Ginwala was an illuminating figure in our nation and served as the first democratic Speaker of Parliament in South Africa. He is remembered fondly by many. The unfortunate passing of Dr. Frene Ginwala was brought to the attention of the GOOD party, which is inconsolably distressed by the information.

Long before she became the leader of the National Assembly, she devoted her life to the fight against apartheid and took on the difficult challenge of constructing a South Africa that was free of racism and sexism. She also took on the difficult challenge of constructing a South Africa that was free of apartheid.

Her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment, which she shown throughout her whole life as a lawyer, political leader, activist, and journalist, were motivating, and they will continue to be so for the rest of time.

It was under her leadership that the foundation for our democratic Parliament was laid on rock-solid groundwork. Our unwavering commitment to the Constitution and our never-ending efforts to build a society that is fair and inclusive for all people served as the bedrock upon which this foundation was built.

Since our work is not yet ended, and there is still more to be done, we owe it to her as current leaders and Parliamentarians to continue building on this foundation. There is still more that has to be done.

Dr. Ginwala, well aware of the immense challenges that South Africa must still conquer in the present day, committed her time and energy to the people of South Africa till the very end of her life. She did this even though she was nearing the end of her own life.

We would like to take this occasion to extend our condolences to Dr. Ginwala’s family, friends, and former coworkers who have recently lost someone close to them.

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