Fintan Downey Obituary, Fintan Downey has Passed Away - Death

Fintan Downey Obituary, Fintan Downey has Passed Away – Death

Fintan Downey Obituary, Death – Kildare Indoor Bowls, its members, and its staff would like to take this opportunity to offer their most heartfelt condolences to Una Downey and the rest of her family on the loss of Fintan Downey. Fintan Downey was a longtime member of the club. The news of Fintan’s passing has left us in a state of mourning. These expressions of sympathy and condolence are offered with a heavy heart and our deepest condolences for the loss that has been caused as a result of what has transpired. Not only a true gentleman, a great bowler, always humble whether winning or in defeat… and a dear friend, who never had a bad word to say about anyone, He will be missed by all who ever had the pleasure of meeting him either in competition or as a friend.

He was a bowler who was always humble regardless of whether he was winning or losing. He was a bowler who never lost his sense of modesty, no matter how well or poorly he bowled. No matter how well or how poorly he bowled, he maintained an unshakeable sense of humility throughout his career as a bowler. Throughout his entire career as a bowler, he never allowed his sense of humility to be shaken, and this was true regardless of how well or how poorly he bowled.

originated in the Drimnagh neighborhood of Dublin, which is located in Ireland and is a part of the United Kingdom. Before he passed away, he was able to spend his last days in the coziness of his own home, surrounded by the loving members of his family. He was able to live out his final days in his own home. His loving wife Una, sons Dave and Alan, daughters Anne, Patricia, Helen, and Triona, grandchildren Sean, Liam, Darlene, Denise, Amy, Ben, Aoife, Aisling, Rebecca, Matthew, Megan, Dylan, Katie, Glen and Lauren, great-grandchildren Arthur, Lara, Cillian, and Logan, sons in law Ed, Jim, David, and Michael, daughters in law Mary and Paula, brothers Tom and Liam, and sister Rita will miss him.

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