Everardo Calvillo Obituary, Victim Killed In Riverside County Semi-Truck Accident

Everardo Calvillo Obituary, Death – Everardo Calvillo Jr., age 32, was driving his vehicle on Interstate 10 in Riverside County, California, when he was engaged in an accident with a semi-truck. Both vehicles were traveling in the same direction. As a consequence of the injuries he sustained, he passed away. According to the findings of the investigation that was conducted by the California Highway Patrol, the collision took place on Christmas evening. The driver of a semi-truck caused significant damage to a Toyota Camry by colliding with it and seriously injuring it after performing an unsafe lane change and moving right into the path of the vehicle. This caused the driver of the Toyota Camry to sustain substantial injuries.

The two automobiles did not come into any kind of contact with one another at any point. Despite the fact that the driver of the Camry driven by Everardo Calvillo Jr. attempted to take evasive action in order to try to avoid the accident, the vehicle rolled multiple times. The authorities claim that the driver of the semi-truck ran away from the scene of the accident, and they are currently continuing their hunt for him. As a result of the collision, a number of persons were injured, thus emergency personnel such as firefighters and paramedics were dispatched to the location of the accident in order to provide medical assistance to those affected by the incident.

Everardo Calvillo Jr. was thrown from the Toyota Camry when it collided with the other vehicle, and sadly, he did not survive the crash owing to the severity of his injuries. Other victims, including a child who had just turned one, a juvenile who was fourteen years old, and a young adult who was fifteen years old, were also hurt and taken to the hospital after the incident. The only passenger in the vehicle that walked away from the collision unscathed was a woman who was in the middle of her forties. Anyone who may have information on the collision is being urged to get in touch with the California Highway Patrol as soon as possible, according to the CHP.


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