Eva Lazenby Obituary,100 Years Old, Eva Lazenby Has Passed Away

Eva Lazenby Obituary, Death – Eva’s family consists of her husband Arnold, her son Richard, and her two sisters Sadie and Beatrice, both of whom left before Eva did. Sadie and Beatrice both moved away before Eva did. Eva was the one who passed away before either of her sisters. Sadie and Beatrice both passed away prior to Eva. Eva was the first one to leave, and then her two best friends, Sadie and Beatrice, followed in her footsteps. Her children Stuart (Berniece), Lynn Gosche, Frank (Pam), and Colleen Thiessen are the ones who will be able to carry on her legacy once she has passed away (Larry). She is the great-grandmother of three of her grandchildren’s grandchildren, in addition to being the grandmother of nine grandchildren in total. She is the grandma of her children’s children’s children. Her brother Russell and one of her sisters named Bella will carry on her legacy when she has passed away. Her legacy will be carried on by them. In addition to all of those other things, she was the sister of a woman whose name was Bella. Her sister’s name was Bella. Although Eva was born in Nova Scotia, she made the decision to go to Alberta when she was a little child, and she has lived there continuously throughout her entire life, despite the fact that she was originally from that province. Her entire existence revolved entirely around meeting the responsibility of taking care of Eva’s grandchildren.

This task consumed her every waking moment. When she got to a particular point in her life, she made the decision to broaden the scope of her interests by receiving an education in art and becoming skillful in painting with oil as well as painting with watercolor. This decision came about after she had reached a specific point in her life. After she had achieved a certain milestone in her life, she settled on this course of action to take. Eva was well-known around the world for having a reputation for being especially kind and generous from the very core of her existence. This characteristic ended up being one of the characteristics that best characterized her overall. It has been agreed that Eva will have her final resting place in a cemetery in Nova Scotia and that she will be laid to rest there alongside the likes of her husband, son, and other members of her family. The location of Eva’s final resting place in the cemetery was chosen by the family. This decision is now in the final stages of implementation. This conclusion has been reached after a considerable amount of thought and discussion has been put into the matter.


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