Eryn Toogood Obituary, Mother killed in Bullitt County house fire was pregnant

Eryn Toogood Obituary, Death – The Bullitt County coroner has released supplementary information about the victims of a house fire that occurred in that county, including the manner in which they died. This information was made public by the coroner. The manner in which they passed away is included in this information as well. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, a fire broke out in a house in Lebanon Junction that was located just off Preston Highway. The house was in close proximity to the highway.

According to the authorities, it was discovered that a woman named Eryn Toogood, who was 27 years old, and her daughter Haisley Heath, who was 6 years old, had both passed away. Both of the victims were related to each other. It is stated that both of their ages are 27. The ages of both of them are specified in the information that is provided. When she passed away, Toogood was in the sixth month of carrying her first child, according to the verdict that the coroner arrived at on Friday after conducting his investigation. On Friday, the information in question was made public.

It has been determined that the child who passed away was Reagan Maraman, who was the other child of that age to pass away. The identity of the child who passed away has been revealed. At first, no one knew that she was the child who had passed away; she was not identified. It has been brought to our attention that she is the child of the person who was successful in evading capture and who also happens to be Eryn’s business partner. This information was provided to us by a third party. According to the conclusions reached by the coroner, the fact that all three victims had been exposed to smoke for an extended period of time was the most significant factor that contributed to their deaths.

According to what has been reported, the Chief Adam Heath of the Lebanon Junction Police Department was quoted as saying that “it is devastating, you know, for us as first responders, as well as the community, it takes a toll on us and them.” “Despite the fact that it is a close-knit community, it causes a significant amount of stress for both us and them.”


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