Eric Mumford Obituary, Husband of Judge Lynn Toler Has Died

Eric Mumford Obituary, Death – Eric Mumford, the husband of Judge Lynn Toler has passed away on December 23, 2022. Lynn Toler is best known on television as the host of the daytime legal drama Divorce Court, but she is also a romantic in her personal life. The pair had been married for more than 33 years when she revealed her husband’s death on Instagram. Although one might expect a divorce judge to be an expert on relationships, Judge Lynn Toler admitted in a September 2012 opinion piece for The Huffington Post that her own relationship wasn’t always picture-perfect.

For more than three decades, Toler’s life mate was Eric “Big E” Mumford. Eric was born in the state of Ohio on January 1, 1951.  He had four children from his first marriage when he met the woman who would become his second wife in 1986. In contrast, Judge Toler adopted the children and eventually added two more to their family, bringing the total number of children in their care to six. They married in 1989 and have been married for nearly thirty years.

In her opinion piece, she stated that “Big E and I were off the road and deep in the weeds” after 19 years of marriage. (She always referred to him as Big E, or simply “E,” on social media and in other venues, such as her novels and television.) She explained the incident from both of their points of view, and it did not paint a positive picture. She then went on to explain how the lessons she acquired in divorce court helped them reconcile.

She discussed their communication style and how, over the course of a year and a half, she and “E” had dismantled and rebuilt their marriage to resemble one in which they listened to each other and tried to understand where the other was coming from. She also discussed how they had dismantled their marriage and rebuilt it so that they could listen to one another. “We no longer act on that right-now feeling without thinking about the long-term consequences,” she had remarked. “We have determined that we want to marry consciously.”

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