Eric Garvin Obituary, Buffalo NY , Eric Garvin Has Passed Away

 Eric Garvin Obituary,  Death – My own heart, as well as Anna’s, is heavy at this very moment as I type this. This is the most difficult time in both of our life because we are currently living out the biggest fear of every parent.
On Saturday, January 14, 2019, in the city of Santiago, Chile, our son, Eric Eugene Garvin, was reported missing. He was spending his time doing what he enjoyed most, which was traveling all over the world. It’s conceivable that he’s been to more than 40 different nations. Eric had 38 years under his belt at the time. My wife Anna and I were both saddened by the news that we heard from Chile on the 21st of January. In the end, the Santiago Police Department tracked down our kid and located him in the mortuary of a local hospital.

Several shots were fired at my son when he was being robbed by three to four individuals while he was out to eat in the downtown area of Santiago, according to the preliminary reports. It was only my son by himself. Today, my daughter Naomi and I will embark on a journey to Santiago, Chile, to begin our pursuit of justice and to bring Gene back to our family. When we arrive the following morning at seven o’clock, we will be greeted by a small entourage that will comprise the No. 2 official from the United States Embassy in Santiago, another official from the American Citizen Services Division, detectives from Santiago, and other individuals. We are looking forward to gaining further insight into what took place.

The authorities in Santiago have not disclosed too much information up until this point. We are looking forward to getting further information. The outpouring of love, prayers, and money, which we are really grateful for, has left Anna, Naomi, and me feeling completely overwhelmed. We are at a loss for words in the face of such a wonderful demonstration of love from so many people. The first few days after hearing this terrible news, we were unable to find any silver lining in the situation; nevertheless, as of today, we are able to see a ray of light and optimism. The kindness and prayers of others have made it possible for us to glimpse the light again.


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