Emma Wiltgen Obituary, Emma Wiltgen Has Sadly Passed Away

Emma Wiltgen Obituary, Death –  No parent should ever have to write this note. By doing so, I’m honoring what I feel Emma would want: transparency about her life and, now, her death. Emma’s death on Monday, January 16, 2023, was found with tremendous sadness by all of us. We beg for your love and support during this difficult time, especially given the horrible experience our family members had while attempting to save her. We’ll never comprehend her decision because we wanted more time with our dear Emma Rita Wiltgen.
As parents, we do our best to equip our children with life tools and resources, as well as a foundation of love, trust, and communication, so that they can feel secure, manage life’s challenges, and discover the joy and beauty of time on earth.

Emma told us from the beginning that she was not like other children, and she frequently taught us what she needed to thrive. Strangers were drawn to her energy when she was a newborn, and they would talk to us and often follow her about. Emma enjoyed making up imaginary worlds in her imagination, frequently having two-way dialogues with laughing and voices. She desired comfort in her clothing and diet, and she enjoyed reading and writing. When she didn’t enjoy the cuisine, she didn’t hold back in telling you! Emma had her own religious thoughts early on that were thought-provoking and we realized were unconventional. She was interested in mythology and history and had read Rick Riordon’s mythology series. Emma enjoyed all things eerie, much to her mother’s chagrin. Halloween and spooky houses were included. She was also fascinated by the Day of the Dead. Emma had a contagious smile, and we have so many wonderful memories of her that we will cherish forever. She spoke of the numerous future dreams that she had shared throughout the years.

Emma was quite close to her brother Max. They were close friends and confidants who enjoyed building Legos, playing Dungeons & Dragons, watching anime, and being there for each other. Emma was her Daddy’s little princess, and he frequently gave her whatever she asked. Emma mentioned traveling across the world with me, her mother, and being best friends. With the addition of Nicole and Milo to our family, Emma began to express herself with surprises like ribbons in her hair and even a pedicure! She acted as a sister to her new brother, Milo. More recently, Emma rapidly warmed up to Dan and welcomed him into our lives.

Emma struggled to integrate her neurodivergent brain into this reality. She had been in therapy for several years for depression and to better understand her high functioning autism, which became obvious as she grew from a curious youngster to a lovely young woman. Emma completed a nine-week intensive behavior program last spring to treat her bug phobia, social anxiety, and despair, and to learn coping techniques. Emma immersed herself in psychology, reading books and watching YouTube videos. Emma had numerous strategies for coping with life challenges, including but not limited to: breathwork, naming feelings, journaling, and using dancing as an outlet, thanks to her counselor. She enjoyed listening to music and dancing.


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