Emma Heffernan Obituary, Toronto Ontario, Emma Heffernan Has Passed Away

Emma Heffernan Obituary, Death – Emma Heffernan placed a high value on a variety of things, including animals, music, travel, friends, and family, however, these things were not generally prioritized in the same order. She traveled to almost sixty different countries and went to hundreds of shows all around the world. Bean and Rory, Emma’s cat and dog were unable to provide an accurate tally of the number of times their bellies were rubbed, but we estimate that the total number was in the thousands. Her hobbies included things like working with leather, going camping and hiking, drinking craft beer, playing soccer and hockey, and reading and working on home improvement projects. She made the most of her free time to get two master’s degrees, and as a result, she went on to have a prosperous career in the field of energy policy.

Emma went away unexpectedly on January 4, 2023, at the age of 33, due to an illness that no one could have predicted. She was brought into this world by her parents, Tracy Heffernan and Mark Neufeld, on November 26th, 1989. Her younger brother Yasch Neufeld was born in 1992, bringing the total number of Neufeld children in the family to four. Emma is survived not only by her immediate family members, but also by a huge number of loyal aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, coworkers, and teammates, as well as by her partner. In addition, Emma is survived by her direct family relatives. Everyone is going to miss her warmth, her talent, her tenacious perseverance, her quick wit, her odd sense of humor, and even her authoritative attitude. We are all going to miss her. Because she is not here with us at this time, we feel as though a hole has been left in our hearts.

Her agenda was jam-packed to the utmost capacity. There was still a significant amount of work left over for her to finish. The vivacious attitude that she exudes is difficult to capture in words because of its intensity. On Tuesday, January 10, from three in the afternoon until five in the evening, guests are invited to attend a reception at the Cardinal Funeral Home, which can be found at 92 Annette Street. In the spring, a memorial service will be held, but the specific dates have not yet been decided upon. We ask that, in lieu of sending flowers, you make a donation to the shelter where Eva worked or to a charity of your choosing in her honor. Thank you.

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