Edward Schmidt Obituary, 41-year-old found dead in Clearfield County

Edward Schmidt Obituary, Death – The declaration that the deceased person has been identified as Edward Schmidt, who lived for 41 years, was issued on January 5 by the coroner for Clearfield County, which is Kim Shaffer. Schmidt lived for 41 years. It was stated that Schmidt was 41 years old. After an investigation, it was concluded that Schmidt had been taken by natural causes. The call came in around 2:45 in the afternoon, and they were able to respond to it, as stated by Kim Shaffer Snyder, who is the coroner for Clearfield County.

In addition to that, she mentioned that they were of some assistance. In addition to this information, it was found out that the deceased person was 41 years old when his body was located in the neighborhood of Woodland Park. This new piece of information was discovered after the first piece of information was uncovered. The body of a deceased person was found on Tuesday, January 3, 2019, in a park located in Clearfield County. The park may be found within Clearfield, which is the name of the town.

According to Ryan Sayers, who is serving as the district attorney for Clearfield County, it has been reported that an investigation is being conducted to determine whether or not the death was caused by an overdose of a substance. Sayers mentioned that an investigation is being conducted into the circumstances surrounding the death.


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