Dwayne Boutain Obituary, Dwayne Boutain has sadly passed away

Dwayne Boutain Obituary, Death– When this incident took place, Dwayne Boutain had recently turned 15 years old, which means that he was still considered a minor at the time. This month, he is the second youngster of his age to lose their life as a result of gun violence in New Orleans. This month alone, there have been two other children of his age shot and killed.

Just this month there have already been two deadly shootings involving children. Both of these incidents occurred. Only this month, there have already been two more children his age who have been fatally shot. Both of these children were killed by gunfire. It was said that the occurrence took place at ten o’clock at night in the Mid-City neighborhood, which is situated in close proximity to the 3300 block of Banks Street (map).

Joe Giarusso III, a member of the New Orleans City Council who was briefed by the NOPD on Sunday morning, stated after the meeting that “this appears to be a targeted hit where clearly these young men were picked and mowed down.” Giarusso III’s comments came after the meeting and were made after the NOPD briefed him on the situation.

“It is abundantly clear that these young men were selected and slaughtered.” After that, he went on to add something along the lines of, “This seems to be a targeted hit in which plainly these young lads were chosen and mowed down.” The witness testified that it was “overwhelmingly obvious” that the young guys had been recognized and that they had subsequently been put to death after the discovery of their identities.

The authorities have not provided any information regarding a possible motive for the triple homicide that took place, nor have they provided a description of a suspect in connection with the crime. In addition, the authorities have not provided a description of a victim who was injured during the incident. In addition to this, the authorities have not offered a description of the individual who is suspected to be guilty for the crime.

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