Doug Otto Obituary, Doug Otto Has Passed Away

Doug Otto Obituary, Death – We are all in a condition of mourning due to the demise of Doug Otto, who had served as President of our organization in the past. His passing has left us all in a state of shock. Doug has been an unflinching supporter, steward, and leader of United Way of Bartholomew County and of our community as a whole for the better part of the last three decades. The United Way evolved into the organization that it is today largely as a result of the course of action that he chose to take while serving as its leader and directing the organization at that time. Over the course of the organization’s history, which spans more than half a century, he guided United Way through several of the most momentous transitions that it has ever experienced.

His large heart was a vital component in the formation of the impact side of United Way, and the programs that he helped construct are still helping our most disadvantaged neighbors today. His heart was a critical component in the establishment of the impact side of the United Way. The effect side of United Way was shaped in large part by his passion, which was an essential ingredient in the process. These efforts are still providing support to those among our neighbors who are in the most vulnerable position today. Not only were we able to construct the Doug Otto Center as a direct result of his leadership, but we were also able to establish a social services business that is not only successful but also incredibly effective as a whole.

Everyone in our town, as well as United Way and Bartholomew County, is in a better position as a direct result of his work. This is also the case for Bartholomew County. The situation was also aided by his efforts to improve it. Doug, I sincerely hope that you will be able to get some time to sleep.

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