Dorothy Cook Obituary, Founder Of The Miami Lakes Mayor Manny Cid

Dorothy Cook Obituary, Death – Because I just found out about the situation, I have a heavy sensation in my chest because the unfortunate news that my close friend Dorothy Cook is going to be departing the region has left me with that feeling. Because Dorothy was a part of the initial charter group that was responsible for creating the documents that founded our community, she is considered to be one of the people who were responsible for the establishment of Miami Lakes.

This is because Dorothy was responsible for creating the documents that founded our community. This is due to the fact that Dorothy was the person in charge of establishing the paperwork that laid the foundation for our community. This is because the organization was in charge of writing the documents that created the foundation for our community, and as a result, they are responsible for this situation. In her older years, she made a bid for a seat on the Town Council of Miami Lakes and, in the end, was victorious in her campaign for that position. She was able to garner a great deal of respect and secure a seat for herself while she was serving on the council.

When it comes to politics, Dorothy exemplifies the highest possible level of integrity and honesty that one can find in a person. She is an inspiration. She serves as a model for others to follow. Because it has been such a pleasure to have her company, having her here with us will be one of the things that we are going to regret the most when she leaves. I pray that God will give her an eternal rest and a serenity that is beyond all understanding, and I also ask him to keep a vigilant eye over those who are left behind by her passing.

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