Donna Locke, 68-Year-Old, Donna Locke Has Passed Away

Donna Locke Obituary, Death – Donna Locke, 68, died abruptly on December 19, 2022, at home with her family. Tricia Colby and Jason Colby, her son-in-law, survive her, as do her sisters, Laura Morin Hayes, Romona Becker, Erin Ahern, and her family; her grandkids, Zackariah Locke, Ramsey Colby, Savannah Philbrick, and her spouse Tyler Philbrick; and her nephew, Ashton Hayes. Dennis Volpe and his family, Clayton Locke and his family, Rhonda Bouchard and her family, and Vikki Burke and her family are still alive.
Donna’s employment history was diverse. She has previously worked at Globe Manufacturing and Water Works. She was constantly talking stories, eating food, snapping photos, and laughing with everyone, forming lifetime friendships.

Donna adored her family and friends, particularly Eliane, Dawn, Robert, Kathy, Carl, Ray, and others. She adored her family and looked forward to spending time with us all. She never missed a special occasion, whether it was a graduation, a wedding, or any other opportunity to gather and share memories. Vacations, road trips, traveling to her favorite restaurants, camping, concerts, auto shows, and backyard barbecues were additional favorites of hers. She treated her pets like children, spoiling them whenever she could. She also enjoyed gardening and flowers, as well as cooking, baking family favorites, and sharing recipes.

Donna and her family had a lot of fun going to yard sales and antique stores. She was continually coming up with new ideas for her family’s decor, crafts, and apparel. During the warmer months, Donna also enjoyed spending time at any beach, lake, or ocean, swimming and collecting shells or driftwood, shopping, and taking in the sights and sounds. She also adores fireworks and would travel to watch any stunning display, private or public. Donna cared sincerely for the people she cared about and always kept her door open, and she was always approachable by phone. She was constantly willing to assist others. Donna was more than a mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt; she was our best friend and life partner. Her smile, laugh, voice, sense of humor, chats, and stories will be sorely missed.

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