Donald Underwood Obituary, 72-Old-Man Of Republic Died In A Fatal Car Accident

Donald Underwood Death, Obituary – The Missouri State Highway Patrol is currently looking into a car accident that involved three vehicles and resulted in the death of a man from Republic and the serious injury of five other people, including three children. The accident also left five other people, including three younger people, with serious injuries. The fatality was the result of a head-on collision between two of the vehicles, in which one of the cars was responsible for the collision.

The deadly accident was caused by a collision between three automobiles that occurred at high speed and entailed head-on impact. The state police reported that shortly after 8:30 on Sunday morning, a vehicle that was traveling west on the highway at the off-ramp for Farm Road 135 crossed the median and collided with a concrete bridge. The collision occurred after the vehicle crossed the road’s center median. The occurrence took place on the side of the highway that faces westbound traffic.

At that time, the incident took place on the lanes of the highway that headed in the westbound direction. The car was entering the eastbound lanes of traffic when it collided with the truck and both vehicles were ejected from the scene. The accident involved the driver of the other vehicle, as well as the four passengers in that vehicle, in addition to the driver of the truck that was involved. Following that, the pickup truck had a loss of control and was involved in a collision with a car that was being driven by Donald Underwood, a 72-year-old citizen of the city in the Republic in which he resides.

The fact that Underwood had already passed away was confirmed by the attending medical staff who were there at the site. Three people were riding in the first car. One little boy, who was ten years old, another small boy, who was seven years old, and a young woman, who was fourteen years old were the passengers. After being involved in the crash, a young kid, an adult passenger, and the driver, who has been named as David Cantrell, 38, from Springfield, were all sent to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for serious injuries. Cantrell is from Springfield. David Cantrell, who lives in Springfield, was the one behind the wheel of the vehicle.



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