Donald Horne Obituary, Port Huron Police Department Member Has Sadly Passed Away

Donald Horne Obituary, Death – Our most sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of our slain brother in the PHPD, retired Detective Donald Delbert “Del” Horne, who died away on January 3, 2023. He was a member of the homicide division. Donald Delbert “Del” Horne was a member of the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department (PHPD). He was employed by the department of the police force that dealt with homicides. Donald Delbert “Del” Horne was a member of the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department and dedicated his life to protecting and serving the local community (PHPD).

He was employed with the section of the police force that was in charge of homicide investigations during his time with the department. He was employed by the company for a span of time that encompassed a sizeable chunk of the agency’s entire existence and he held several positions within the company. He has spent the most of his professional life working for the police department in Phnom Penh, where he has held a variety of jobs during the course of his tenure there.

The 21st of October, 1959 was his first day on the job as a detective with the Port Huron Police Department, and he remained in that position all the way up until the 1st of March, 1993, when he submitted in his resignation. His last day on the work was the 21st of October, 1993. On October 21 of that year (1959), he entered the field of law enforcement and began his profession. It was on October 21st, 1993 that he turned in his resignation from his position at the corporation. The year 1959 marked both his first year on the job as well as the beginning of his successful career in the field of law enforcement.

When Detective Horne was just starting out in his career, he quickly made a name for himself within the department as well as out in the field, getting a foothold in both of these spheres of activity in the process. The startling number of 34 shows the total number of years that he has spent, over the course of his whole life, assisting individuals of the Port Huron community in a variety of various ways. This help has been provided for the entirety of his life.

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