Don Smith Obituary, Bridge of Weir Hillwalkers Mourns Don Smith’s Death

Don Smith Obituary, Death I regret to inform you that Don Smith passed away this morning, and I am sorry for the loss that this causes you and your family. Please accept my condolences. Please accept my condolences. Don’s contributions to the growth and maturation of the Gryffe Hillwalking Club and, more recently, The Bridge of Weir Hillwalkers can be credited for a significant portion of the organizations’ various levels of achievement in the field of hillwalking.

This is especially true of the Gryffe Hillwalking Club, which has been around for a very long time. He was the source of the motivation and inspiration that we required. Don was a natural-born organizer; he planned everything from weekend getaways and weeklong vacations to local excursions as well as journeys to the Alps, Dolomites, and Pyrenees mountains.

He planned everything from weekend getaways and weeklong vacations to local excursions and journeys to the mountains. He planned everything, from day trips around town to multi-day hikes in the surrounding mountain ranges. He organized everything, from excursions in the neighborhood to journeys to the mountain ranges that were nearby.

We will remember Don for the rest of our lives due to the encyclopedic knowledge of rock music that he held (he was unbeatable in every one of our music quizzes!). Because of this expertise, we will never forget Don. The memory of his accomplishments will live on in our minds and hearts forever.

The happy memories we have of Don will continue to warm our hearts long after he’s gone. Don fought cancer bravely for many years and was determined to live his life to the fullest right up until the moment he passed away. Even in his final moments, Don was focused on making the most of every opportunity.

Up until the moment he went away, he savored every last moment of life to the absolute most. Before he went away, he was successful in accomplishing this by making the most of every chance and enjoying his life to the fullest.
When he goes away, everyone will feel the loss of him in their own individual and unique way.

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