Domingo Medina Obituary, Funeral Arrangement And Visitation

Domingo Medina Obituary, Death – Domingo Medina passed suddenly just a few days after the new year began, but wow, he had an incredible life span. He was 87 years old when he passed away. His life is definitely packed with exciting experiences. He comes from a household of limited means and spent his childhood in the countryside. He learned aeromechanics while working as an apprentice for a family friend who was in the industry. After that, he worked for the military in the aviation industry, namely with airports and airplanes.

His children took advantage of this opportunity to fly to New York City, where they went to see family members who lived in the Heights. (When my mother started dating a Jewish girl, that’s when I acquired my name.) In the picture that I have shared, he may be seen sitting on 157th Street and Riverside Drive. The comedy arises from the fact that my mother moved to the same general neighborhood, albeit two blocks away.

Riverside is only one avenue away from me, and whenever I passed by that neighborhood, I couldn’t help but think about my grandfather, who used to live there. There are strange mechanisms at play in the universe. The remaining photographs are ones that I took of him during my visit. Although I was unable to attend his burial due to the expense of the 13-hour journey required to get there, I am very relieved to have audio recordings of him to listen to. I’ll miss my grandfather, so please be kind to your own older relatives. – Helen Helen’s remembrance of her grandfather, Don Domingo Medina, who died away a couple of days ago. Between the years 1970 and 2000, these pictures were taken in Washington Heights. We pray for his spirit and ask that he continue to look over his loved ones and family from above.

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