Diane Bannon Obituary, Houston, TX , Diane Bannon Has Passed Away

Diane Bannon Obituary, Death –  Diane was brought into this world by her mother, who also served as her birthing attendant. She fought for the progress of women’s rights not only in the state of Texas, but also on a national and international scale the entirety of her life. Her efforts were not limited to the state of Texas. She felt compassion for those who, in addition to seeking to dominate a woman’s body, would also strive to control her thoughts. She was fast with a smile and ready to impart countless events from her life to whoever showed interest in listening to them. She had a lot of life lessons to share. She had a degree of nuance that, despite the fact that she and her husband Gerry shared many of the same principles, he was unable to completely comprehend throughout their whole marriage. This was true despite the fact that they held many of the same beliefs.

She devoted her entire life to fighting for the rights of animals, and during that time, she was able to save the lives of seven dogs that were in danger of being put down. Additionally, she was able to entice a significant number of cats to make the yard of her house their new home. She saved the lives of seven dogs that were in danger of being put down. Later in life, when Diane’s health and other factors began to influence her wellness, she dealt with all of these challenges with the kind of stoic elegance, abundant humor, and cheerfulness that is admirable and worthy of imitation. She did this despite the fact that her health and other factors began to influence her wellness. She persisted in doing so despite the fact that her health and a number of other variables had begun to affect her wellness.

Patricia Braun and Jack O’Bannon were Diane’s parents, and she was born in the city of Houston in the state of Texas in the United States of America. After completing her primary education at River Oaks Elementary School in Houston, she relocated to Bonus, Texas to live with her grandmother, Dorothy Martin Braun, and started attending Eagle Lake Elementary School. Her grandmother is a teacher in the Bonus school district. Her grandma worked as an educator at the Bonus Independent School District when she was alive. After some time had passed, she decided to further her education by enrolling at St. Mary’s Hall School in San Antonio, Texas, where she remained for the entirety of her schooling and ultimately received her diploma.

Following that, she attended classes at The University of Texas for a period of one year before launching her own business, which specialized in the sharpening of saws and other sorts of construction equipment. At last, she was successful in acquiring her certification as a home inspector. This accomplishment had been a long time coming. Diane is survived by a sizable number of people, both in her family and among her friends and acquaintances. Amy Harrott came in first, while Gerry Kersey took second place in this competition. Congratulations to both of them! Amy Harrott has made it the mission of her life to ensure that Diane goes to all of her medical appointments and treatments, and Gerry Kersey has been Diane’s husband for the past 33 years.

Amy has made it her life’s mission to ensure that Diane attends all of her medical appointments and treatments. Gus Breymann expressed her enthusiasm to her coworkers about the possibility of learning more about Houston’s past. Andy Rolf was a lifelong friend of mine and grew up in Eagle Lake. We stayed in close contact throughout his life. Her very first buddy was a woman from Seattle who went by the name Starr K. Davis. She was the first person she ever befriended. The deaths of her relatives Judi Johnson, Barbara Roden, Stephen Braun, Michael Braun, and David Braun have all left them in a state of mourning.


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