Des Sempf Obituary, Des Sempf has sadly passed away

Des Sempf Obituary, Death– Des Sempf was an enthusiastic participant in the Wondai Wolves Rugby League Club throughout his membership there, which spanned a significant amount of time. Both he and his mother gave a large amount of their free time to the club, and they did it cheerfully.

He placed a high premium on providing assistance to others around him in any way that he could. The members of our family came to the agreement that in place of flowers for dad, we would be appreciative of any donations made to the wolves, regardless of the nature of such donations. For further information, please see the graphic that may be found below.

In addition, our loved ones would want to use this opportunity to convey their appreciation to each and every one of you for the kind words that you have shared with us at this challenging time. All of us in the family have found it to be quite encouraging and reassuring in light of recent events.

During his time at the Wondai Proston Wolves Rugby League Club, Des was an absolute icon among the club’s members and fans. Both he and his wife, Beryl, have contributed an unfathomable amount of their free time to the Mighty Wolves over the course of their marriage. They were responsible for everything, from working in the canteen and the bar to maintaining the grounds and cleaning up after home games.

There was no job that they were exempt from. Des was a true pillar of the club who loved nothing more than hanging out with the other lads and taking in all the excitement that the great game of rugby league had to offer. Beryl and the rest of the Sempf family are in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this trying time. Please accept our sympathies.

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