Denys Monastyrskiy Obituary, Parliamentarians for Global Action, Mourns Denys Monastyrskiy Death

Denys Monastyrskiy Obituary, Death – Dr. Galyna Mykhailiuk, MP, the Chairperson of the PGA Ukraine National Group, received a letter of condolences from the President of the PGA, Mr. Naveed Qamar, MP (Pakistan), who expressed his deepest sympathies. At the moment, Dr. Mykhailiuk is serving as the Deputy Head of the Law Enforcement Committee. However, Mr. Monastyrskyi will continue to serve as the committee’s chair until July 2021. Speaking on behalf of the PGA Board, President Qamar addressed the organization’s sense of solidarity and support on behalf of our global network, which is comprised of 1200 individual parliamentarians situated in 140 different countries. In addition to that, he reiterated the Professional Golfers’ Association’s (PGA) unequivocal condemnation of the ongoing war of aggression, which is what ultimately resulted in the tragic accident that took place.

Mr. Monastyrskyi has been a valuable member of President Zelenskyi’s cabinet ever since President Zelenskyi appointed him to the position of Minister back in July 2021. In this capacity, Mr. Monastyrskyi has been responsible for a variety of important responsibilities. The Servant of the People party, which is currently in power in Ukraine, counts him as a major leader within its ranks. After being elected to the office of Parliamentarian in 2019, he wasted no time in assuming the significant responsibility of serving as the Chairperson of the Law Enforcement Committee. After taking part in a PGA expert debate that was organized by the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Rada on November 28, 2019, he was inducted into the PGA and granted membership in the organization. The importance of the International Criminal Court’s Rome Statute being ratified by the Ukraine was the primary focus of the conversation that took place. Immediately after the meeting, he requested a bilateral consultation with Dr. David Donat Cattin, the Secretary-General of the PGA, in order to consider the prospect of the Law Enforcement Committee having a conference that is analogous to the one that had just taken place. This was done with the intention of relaunching a draft legislation that would incorporate into Ukrainian Law all pertinent norms and standards of International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law, including those from the Rome Statute. This was done with the intention of making Ukraine a signatory to the International Criminal Court and the International Convention for the Suppression of the Crime of Genocide. In the immediate moments that followed the session, he also made a request for a consultation with the PGA.

Mr. Monastyrskyi and his team, which was led by special assistant Ms. Viktoriya Mozgova, collaborated with the PGA team, which was coordinated by Ms. Frederika Schweighoferova, and with relevant partners, such as the Center for Civil Liberties, in the preparation and organization of the Roundtable on “The relevance of the implementation of the provisions of international criminal and humanitarian law on the prosecution of international crimes into the Criminal Code of Ukraine,” which was held on The Roundtable was called to support the approval of Bill no. 2689, which was entitled “On modifications to certain legislative acts on the Enforcement of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law.” The goal of the Roundtable was to accomplish this. Mr. Denys Monastyrskyi drafted this legislation, with assistance from the PGA, Ms. Mozgova, and other international partners. One of these partners was an international lawyer by the name of Scott Martin, and another was a professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyi by the name of Konstantin Zadoya.

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