Deidre Michael Obituary, Deidre Michael has passed Away At The Age Of 93

Deidre Michael Death, Obituary – Our sincere condolences go out to the St. Mary’s DSG community on the loss of Sister Deidre Michael, who lived a full and successful life before passing away at the age of 93. Before she passed away, Sister Deidre Michael lived a long and productive life. Sister Deirdre Michael arrived to St. Mary’s Domestic Service Guild in 1961 after finding her way there successfully. She was appointed to be the school’s principal in 1966, and she held the role until 1974.

She worked there from 1966 till 1974. I sincerely hope and pray that her spirit will be at peace for all of eternity and that her body will be lifted to glory. I ask God to give her blessings. When we celebrated our 100th year in business in 1979, this photo was shot. We turned 100 years old in the same year. She took great pride in her house and yard, especially in the fact that she was able to cultivate fresh veggies for her family and the neighbors. Before his daughter Deidre, Michael Gaydos, who was a loving father to her, passed away.

Deidre was devastated to learn that her father had passed away. Deidre also succumbed to her illness and died after he did. The two people who meant the most to Deidre in the world—her son Ian Carlson and her husband Ben Tishberg—will continue her legacy after her death. She is survived by her devoted mother Merrilee (née Auld) Gaydos, her siblings Daliah (George) Papoutsis, Natasha (Gus Almores) Dunn, and Celeste (Doug) Medynskyj, as well as her brothers Michael (Sharon) Gaydos and Anton Gaydos.

She is also survived by her loving mother Merrilee (nee Auld) After her death, her father, Anton Gaydos, continues to exist. All of her family members will feel a void in their life after she is gone. She also made it through with the help of her two faithful pets, Maximus Noodle Doodle and Anna Bella, who were her regular companions and only showed her affection. Their names are Anna Bella and Maximus Noodle Doodle, and they were her furry children. They are both referred to as “fur babies.” All of her nieces and nephews, including Mark and Janice Tishberg, Keith and Julie (Keith) Millman, and her brother and sister-in-law, will cherish their memories of her forever. She had parents named Mark and Janice Tishberg.


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