Debra Jackson Obituary, 35-Year-Old Woman Of Denver Was Fatally Shot And Killed

Debra Jackson Death, Obituary – The lifeless body of a female resident of Denver who was 35 years old and lived in the city was discovered in the front yard of her home. According to the police report, the individual who was responsible for shooting and killing the woman, who was thirty years old, allegedly killed himself later and committed suicide. On Monday, March 25, at about 3:25 p.m., the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reported that the first victim, identified as Debra Ana Jackson, had been shot in the head inside of her home, which was located on Sherwood Lane.

The home was located in the 1700 block of Sherwood Lane. It was discovered that she had passed away at the scene. Jackson’s relatives reportedly located her after conducting a search for her after learning that she had forgotten to pick up her children from school, as stated by the officials at the sheriff’s office. Jackson’s inability to collect her children from school had prompted her relatives to look for her. After coming to this conclusion, they decided to start looking for her.

The following day, according to the investigators, they found a second body in a pond that was nearby the scene of the crime that had been committed. Since that time, the law enforcement officials have investigated the situation further and have determined that the person in question is thirty years old and goes by the name Tyrone Herriott Jr. Herriott Jr. was the person who was responsible for the murders of both Jackson and himself, as determined by the results of the investigation conducted by the sheriff’s office.

According to a statement that was released to the public on Wednesday, deputies who searched Herriott Jr.’s location discovered that he was in possession of a firearm at the time of the search. Throughout the course of their investigation, the sheriff’s office did not provide any information to the public regarding the nature of Herriott Jr.’s connection to Jackson in any capacity.


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