DeAsia Green Obituary, Missing 15-year-old Toledo girl found shot dead

DeAsia Green Obituary, Death – The shooting that took the life of a missing 15-year-old girl who had been reported missing resulted, according to the Toledo Police Department, in a fatal shooting. According to the Trenton Police Department (TPD), on Monday the officers with the Trenton Police Department got information that a student at Start High School named DeAsia Green had been shot. The corpse of the young woman, who had been reported missing, was found by the police in an alley in the 1300 block of Page Street. Although they have not identified any possible suspects at this time, the police have announced that they are handling the incident as if it were a homicide inquiry.

At this time, neither the cause of her death nor the circumstances that accompanied it can be determined with certainty. The Toronto Police Department referred to Green as a “regular fugitive.” According to the investigators who spoke with 13abc, the teen’s parents reported her missing earlier in the month after they became aware that the circumstances surrounding the teen’s disappearance this time were different from the circumstances surrounding the teen’s disappearance the previous time. Her parents passed on the information that had been supplied to them to a search team from the TPD, which assisted in directing investigators to the site where Green’s body was found.

On Tuesday, detectives disclosed that the young woman in question is in fact the daughter of DeAndre Green, who was the victim of an unsolved homicide in 2010. DeAndre Green was killed in 2010. In the preceding year, 13ABC devoted a significant amount of time and coverage to his case as part of their Case Files series. On Tuesday, the Toronto Police Department issued a statement indicating that the death of DeAsia was not connected to the homicide of DeAndre. Those who are in possession of information are encouraged to get in touch with Crime Stoppers by calling or texting them at the following number: 419-255-1111.

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