David Norris Obituary, St. Catherine University librarian killed in Minneapolis accident

David Norris Obituary, Death – David Philip Norris MLIS’17, who worked as a cataloging and metadata librarian at St. Kate’s Library and Archives, was tragically murdered in an accident early yesterday morning while he was out walking near Lake Nokomis. The incident occurred in close proximity to the lake. He was making his way to the St. Kate’s Library and Archives where he worked. We are passing on some bad information to you, and while we do so, our hearts are heavy because of what the news has revealed. He had 39 years under his belt at that point in time.

In 2019, David followed his passion for ensuring that everyone has equal access to knowledge and connecting people with the resources they require by accepting a position as a librarian at St. Kate’s. In this role, David will be responsible for ensuring that everyone has equal access to knowledge and connecting people with the resources they require. David’s responsibilities in this position will include making certain that everyone has the same amount of access to information and making connections between individuals and the resources they require.

His leadership in promoting tolerance and diversity, as well as his dedication to fighting against bigotry, earned him a profound level of respect from the community of library patrons, who held him in extremely high esteem. His dedication to fighting against bigotry also earned him the title of “Most Admired Man in the World” by the Human Rights Watch in 2011. The work that he produced in this sector inspired and had an effect on audiences on a scale that ranged from the level of the nation to the level of the region.

David was a young man who has characteristics such as the ability to contemplate and to be curious. He realized that hobbies such as learning new languages, going on thrilling excursions, finding new locales, and playing video games brought him an enormous amount of delight. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way when he passes away.At this time, the specifics of the memorial services that will be conducted in David’s honor are still in the process of being planned out and organized by those who care about him. At this time, David and all others who are dear to David would benefit tremendously from your positive thoughts and prayers.

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