David Naiser Obituary, Residdent, Of Long Beach, Mississippi, Has Died

David Naiser Obituary, Death – The automobile was finished and completely redesigned in just four weeks, with new quarter panels, roof, tail light panel, doors, front end, hood, and rear bumper, flush mount windshield and back glass, and all chrome trim that has been blackened out. In addition, the back glass and windshield have been made flush with the body. In addition, the windshield and rear window have been repositioned so that they are flush with the rest of the body.  In addition to this, we ultimately converted the engine of the FT600 from one that utilized a carburetor to one that made use of fuel injection.

We began our first nitrous pass at a distance of 330 feet, and we finished the 60-foot dash in a time of 1.08 seconds. After completing three motor passes, we did this to confirm that everything was operating as it should have been. On our second attempt using nitrous, we were successful in achieving a full hit, which resulted in a time of 4.56 seconds and a speed of 159 miles per hour. I would like to extend my gratitude to every single guy that stayed late at the shop and assisted in contributing to the efficient completion of the painting and bodywork.

In the interest of expressing my gratitude, I would like to thank Kenny Hubbard and Kenny Rodriguez for completing the EFI conversion in just one week while maintaining the best possible standard of quality. I am truly appreciative of their efforts. We would like to express our gratitude to Naiser Racing Components for giving the engines a second chance at life and preparing them to compete in the racing season that will begin in 2023. Thank you to David Vasser at Nitrous Outlet and Flo Supply for getting us set up with a fresh plate system for the car as well as the awesome new flo supply fittings and hoses on the car (these were the easiest hoses I’ve ever made).

Also, thank you to Flo Supply for the awesome new fittings and hoses on the car. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Flo Supply for providing the automobile with such wonderful new fittings and hoses. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Billy Smith for inviting us to take part in his testing session just prior to our departure for Florida.

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