David Lampert Obituary, David Lampert Has Passed Away

David Lampert Obituary, Death – The heartbreaking news that another cherished member of our Railway Family has passed away has left all of us with crushed hearts. David Lampert offered his time at the WHHR on a consistent basis for a sizeable fraction of the overall period that he worked there when he was employed there. The number of hours that he volunteered there was not specified. At the turn of the twenty-first century, he was employed by the Ffestiniog Railway, where he was engaged at the time, in the capacity of Boston Lodge Works Manager.

In addition to that, he provided the organization with services that he provided without charge. In addition to that, he contributed his free labor to the festiniog Railway in his spare time. They would be extremely grateful to you if you were able to attend a celebration that was being thrown in the honor of the David family to commemorate David’s life that they were planning on holding in his honor. They were hoping that you would be able to attend.

The Jim Markum Swing Band will be providing the visitors with live entertainment, in addition to the refreshments that will be provided for them, and they will also have the option to enjoy this entertainment. Aaron and Susie Hinds, owners of Hinds Funeral Home, are overjoyed to be able to celebrate the life of David Lampert by hosting a memorial ceremony in his honor. “Our Family Is Here to Serve Your Family. Please Allow Us to Do So. We Ask That You Please Permit Us to Do So. We humbly request that you grant us permission to proceed in this manner. To move on in this manner, we sincerely ask that you grant us permission to proceed in this way.

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