David Duckham Obituary

David Duckham Obituary, Former England Winger David Duckham Has Passed Away

David Duckham Death, Obituary – David Duckham, who played wing for England for a long time and enjoyed a lot of success during his career, passed away not too long ago. Between the years 1969 and 1976, he was a member of the England national team for a total of 36 tests, and he contributed 10 tries to the team’s overall success during that time. During the Lions’ trip to New Zealand in 1971, he participated in a total of 16 games and scored 11 tries during that period.

During that time, he was awarded the Man of the Match award. The infamous matchup between the Barbarians and the All Blacks took place in 1973, and you can see him in action in the photos from that match (on the right). He is a nimble and resourceful winger, and at this precise moment he is marking Bryan Williams, who is making a break that ultimately led to one of Grant Batty’s two tries on that specific day. Bryan Williams’ break ultimately resulted in the second of Grant Batty’s tries on that day.

Duckham was the only English back to receive a selection for England’s roster for this particular encounter. The sad news is that David Duckham, a footballer with a fantastic skill that England wasted by not hiring during an age in which England won only 34% of their games, has gone away. England’s lack of employing Duckham during this time period contributed to England’s poor performance. The mediocre performance that England turned in during this time period was a factor that led to the country’s low victory rate. In 1971, he was a member of the Lions and traveled to New Zealand for a tour. While he was there, he had a wonderful time in New Zealand. It was with the Lions that he was given the opportunity to exhibit his talent in a manner that England very rarely did at the time. The Lions opened the door for us to experience this chance.


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