Dave Fry Obituary

Dave Fry Obituary, Dave Fry Has Sadly Passed Away

Dave Fry Death, Obituary – We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of our secretary, Dave Fry, and do so with a heavy heart. We are passing on the tragic news that he passed away. Due to the relatively short duration of Dave’s illness, he was unable to receive treatment; it is likely that this piece of information will come as a surprise to a large number of people. Dave has been an outstanding contributor to the golf club in Wedderburn ever since he moved there more than three decades ago to take a job with the Loddon Shire.

He became a member of the club shortly after settling in the area and becoming a member of the community. Dave’s two daughters, Georgia and Edwina, were the focal points of his life, so whenever he talked about them, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. At this time, we would like to express our deepest condolences to Georgia and Edwina and let them know that Dave had a special place in all of our hearts and was a wonderful friend to each and every one of us.

In addition, we would like to let them know that we would like to let them know that Dave was a special friend to each and every one of us. Both Dave and his late wife Tricia will be remembered fondly by our club; both of them will remain in our memories forever. Both of them will live on forever in our hearts. Dave and Tricia were both very involved members of our community. They took part in a variety of sports and activities, including tennis, netball, football, and golf, in addition to being involved in their respective schools and places of employment.

As a direct consequence of this, they developed a significant number of friendships along the way. It does not happen often that we get new residents in our relatively small community who quickly become so involved and leave such a positive mark on the hearts of both the people who live here and the clubs that they join, but when it does happen, it is a welcome addition.


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