Danny Thayer Obituary, Retired Police Chief In Neodesha Has Died

Danny Thayer Death, Obituary – On the evening of January 10, 2023, a member of Retired Police Chief Danny Thayer’s family informed each and every one of us of the sad news that he had died away earlier that day. Danny Thayer had served our community for many years as Police Chief. This was a day that brought a tremendous deal of misery to each and every one of us. After receiving the news, each and every one of us was left completely dumbfounded and unable to find the words to express our shock. As soon as any one of us was able to receive this information, immediately and simultaneously, all of us felt an enormous amount of tension as a direct result of it. Immediately. To the very end of his life, when he died away quietly surrounded by his family and friends, he had been cared for and loved by those people throughout his whole life.

His loved ones, including his family and his friends, were there for him when he needed assistance. After dedicating a substantial portion of his life to a career in the police force, Danny eventually worked his way up through the ranks to achieve the position of Chief of Police in the city of Neodesha. This achievement is a direct result of his unwavering commitment and the long hours of labor he has put in over the years. He held this position up to the year 2017, when he made the decision to put an end to his career in law enforcement and retire from the force. He served in this capacity until that year. An incredible friend and coworker of ours went away at this difficult time, and we want his loved ones and members of his family to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. We are going to miss him very much.

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