Danielle Layton Obituary, Binghamton, New York, Dental Assistant at David P Ney DDS Dies At 30

Danielle Layton Obituary, Death – Danielle Layton, 30, of Binghamton, New York, a Dental Assistant (DA) at David P Ney DDS has passed away. Danielle was a Bartender at Deluxe Fun Dining. She studied at Central Piedmont Community College. Danielle was from Binghamton, New York, but lived in Salisbury, North Carolina. Danielle’s death news was announced on Facebook by Tammy Rayburn; “My beautiful baby girl oh how am I supposed to do this life without you Danielle Layton. I will miss every minute every second of everyday it will never be right that you were taken too soon you were looking forward to so much in your life and you were so excited I will never be the same I miss your kisses on my cheek your mamas your laugh everything about you ❤️ you were perfect and you never left my side since you were a baby this world is just cruel and you were too good for any of it you were so loving and caring oh why baby girl”

Danielle Layton GoFundMe

I don’t even know the words to write on this, because it doesn’t seem real. My name is Jewels Maben and I got the honor, pleasure, and joy to be like a sister to Danielle for over 20 years. I have been best friends with her older sister Brandy, I have seen Danielle at her worst and her best- and even at her worst? She was still the best. A loving woman, aunt, sister, friend, daughter, and more to everyone around her. Her voice calmed a room, and her smile lit one up. She was always a calm in a storm.

12 days before her 30th birthday her niece and sister found her unresponsive in her room. With the attempt to save her until the ambulance arrivedthey couldn’t. No one was prepared for this, and no one should have to be. Never do you think you have to bury your child or family member at such a young age. None of us saw this coming. If there is anyway you can help, or if you can just share this, or send a prayer for all of us at this time? It would be appreciated. Danielle deserves the best- and she would of given us hers. Click to visit Danielle Layton GoFundMe page.

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