Daniel Harris Obituary, Daniel Harris has sadly passed away

Daniel Harris Obituary, Death – Thank you for granting me permission to share. For everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Daniel Harris, who left this world behind with a heavy heart. He is sorely missed by a great number of people as While he was with Dan, he was always making people laugh, and there was never a dull time when he was around. He had the kindest disposition of anyone you could ever want to meet and would go to any length to assist those in need. He was definitely one of a kind in every respect.

We have never encountered anyone else with such a large capacity to care for others as you do. There are a lot of wonderful memories that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives. His funeral will be held on Wednesday, November 11 at 11:15 a.m. When we got to the crematorium. Everyone is encouraged to come and offer their respects when the time comes. No dress code . This is the only piece of information that I have been provided with at this time. Please remember the family in your prayers as they continue to work with the aftermath of such an abrupt and unanticipated loss.

The family is still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy that has befallen them. I would want to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments that were left on the last status. God Bless you everyone . Keep your chin up because Dan would never want anyone to be upset since it broke his caring heart to see anyone in pain and he would never want anyone else to feel that way either. Recall all of the joyful memories, the good moments, and the laughing you shared together. This large, joyful, jolly, fun-loving guy made sure there was never a dull time in the relationship. Always laughing smiling . So so missed

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