D’Angelo Smith Obituary, 46 Years-Old, D’Angelo Smith Has Sadly Passed Away

D’Angelo Smith Obituary, Death – The WCIV icon for email sharing may be seen in Summerville, which is found in the state of South Carolina. Summerville is the county seat of Berkeley County. The individual who was identified as the person who was slain in the incident that took place on Highway 78 in Ridgeville on January 19 as the victim of a homicide that took place on that same day has been determined to have been the individual who was killed in the incident. The coroner arrived at the area at 7:02 p.m. and confirmed that D’Angelo Smith, a resident of Ridgeville who was 46 years old, had vanished there. The arrival of the coroner was observed and documented at the site.

In the accompanying Guest Book, Legacy requests that you share your thoughts and feelings about D’Angelo, as well as your favorite moments from his career. If you would like to sign the Guest Book, please click here. In addition to that, Legacy requests that you engage in conversation with us regarding these issues. They ask that you do this in order to respect their request, and they invite you to tell about how you feel about D’Angelo, including your favorite moments from his career. Legacy begs that you do this in order to respect their request. In addition to this, they request that you carry out this action because it is strongly recommended. You will be able to accomplish this objective on your own if you use the Guest Book that is currently at your disposal to make a record of your thoughts.

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