Damond Lazenby Obituary, East Bay missing teen, 19, found dead on Hwy 4 in Claycord

Damond Lazenby Obituary, Death – Damond Lazenby, 19, of East Bay who was reported missing by authorities on New Year’s Day found dead. Following his death, authorities recovered his car on Port Chicago Highway near Concord, where he was last seen. After a corpse was discovered dead on Roadway 4 in Claycord, a big crowd gathered, and both sides of the roadway were closed. When the authorities arrived on the scene, they declared him dead and told his family members of the tragedy.

Concerned family members and friends have launched a hopeless search after a 19-year-old East Bay teen went missing on New Year’s Day morning. Her kidnapping occurred under unique circumstances. Damond Lazenby Jr., of Pittsburg, went missing about 4 a.m. According to his friend Samanta Barajas, he died on Sunday. His clothing, according to Barajas, were recovered in the Port Chicago neighborhood alongside his car, which was still running after he had left it there. She went on to say that he had last used his phone at six a.m. He was last seen and heard from on New Year’s Day, near the Chevron station on Willow Pass, but he hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

According to Barajas, friends and relatives conducted an extensive search of the area without success, in part because they were unable to reach certain private areas due to security considerations. She went on to say that they had contacted Concord police in hopes of acquiring surveillance footage that would help them find Lazenby. Officers were working on the investigation and looking for him, and they said there was no evidence of wrongdoing at this time. A male matching Lazenby’s description was seen racing on the highway near where Lazenby went missing, according to Barajas. Barajas stated as much. She felt the person was under the influence of alcohol and was distressed.

Given that the major hurricane is projected to make landfall in the area within the next several days, Barajas observed that people’s anxiety was building by the day. According to several estimates, Lazenby stands 6 feet 3 inches tall, has brown eyes and black hair, and weighs between 160 and 170 pounds. He was wearing gray sweatpants with black stripes the last time anyone saw him. After numerous fruitless searches, his body was discovered on Highway 4 in Claycord.

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