Corey Bennett Obituary, 42 Years-Old, Corey Bennett Of 208 Steinkuhler Street Chester, Has Passed Away

Corey Bennett Obituary, Death – Mr. Corey Marcelle Bennett, age 42, who resided at 208 Steinkuhler Street in Chester, South Carolina, passed away on Sunday, January 22, 2023. His passing was announced on the local news. The funeral services will be detailed at a later date on the website of King’s Funeral Home, which can be found in Chester, South Carolina, at 135 Cemetery Street. In Chester, South Carolina, the family will have a get-together for their friends at their residence, which is located at 123 Hamilton Street. As you go about your day, we ask that you keep the families of Owens and Bennett in your thoughts and prayers.

The father of Corey Bennett is named William Bennett. Corey’s middle name is Bennett. The name Bennett is Corey’s middle name. The following individuals are his brothers and sisters: Rasheena, Estonia, Natacha, Nicole, Tyrone, and Lowell are the members of this group. Terrence and Lowell are two further members of this gang that are associated with it. In addition to this, he was preceded in death by an elder brother who also went by the name Richard Jr. and who had died in the past. Richard Jr. It was common practice to refer to Richard by his middle name, Richard Jr. The fact that the deceased was survived after their death by a sizeable number of friends and members of their family is additional evidence that they maintained a sizable network of contacts in both their personal and professional lives. A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at one o’clock in the afternoon at the Robinson Family Funeral Home in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. The date is April 4, 2018. This day is Thursday, April 4, 2018, in the year 2018. In the event that you require any further explanation regarding the location of the funeral home, the following address is provided for your convenience in order to facilitate such inquiries.

9611 Hwy 23. In addition to the celebrant’s family and friends, employees from Archer Daniel Midland in Waggaman, Louisiana, employees from West Jefferson Medical Center, and staff members from the Ochsner Sleep Lab will be in attendance at the event to honor the recipient of the award. On the day of the funeral, both the wake and the visitation will begin at twelve o’clock in the afternoon. The visitation will last until three o’clock in the morning. The funeral home is going to be where the visitation will take place, so please make your way there. The person who will act as the event’s officiant and who will be in charge of the processes for the length of the ceremony will be Minister Darlisa Hall, who is a member of the Zion Hill Family Church in Pineville, Louisiana. The ceremony will take place in Louisiana. In addition to that, she will act as the event’s host. Minister Darlisa Hall will serve as the person in charge of presiding over the wedding ceremony. In addition to that, she will take on the role of the event’s personal host and will act as the person in charge of the gathering herself. As soon as the Robinson Family Funeral Home was entrusted with the care of the deceased individual, they were also tasked with the responsibility of making arrangements for the funeral services that were to be held for the individual who had passed away.


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