Connie Fisher Obituary, Friends And Family Mourn Connie Fisher’s Passing

Connie Fisher Obituary, Death – I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but a loved one who was closely associated with our company and passed away in the recent past. I am sorry to be the one to break the news to you. I’m sorry that I have to be the one to tell you the bad news. Connie Neil Fisher drew her final breath and departed this life on January 6th, 2023, a Friday. She had lived a long and full life, and she was loved by many. Everyone will do it in their own unique way, but they will all express their sadness at his departure. Both Connie and the museum had the sensation that they were profoundly connected to one another, and the museum was aware of the significant role that he played in the history of the institution.

In regard to Sand Springs, he possesses knowledge that is remarkable in both the breadth of its scope and the depth of its coverage. Volunteering at the museum was something that was very important to both Connie and his wife, Barbara; as a result, they missed their shifts very infrequently and were always willing to put in extra time to assist in any way that they could. Because of their shared commitment to the cause, the museum was able to benefit greatly from their efforts.

Because of the devoted work that Connie has done for the museum over the course of a significant amount of time, the shop will be closed on Thursday, January 12, as a way to show respect for her labor and dedication to the institution. Thursday is the day that has been set aside for the conclusion of operations. The memorial service honoring his life was going to be held on that particular day at the United Methodist Church in Sand Springs at one o’clock in the afternoon. The celebration was going to be in memory of his passing.


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