Coby Stacy Obituary, 26 Years Old, Coby Stacy of Bulan, KY Has Passed Away

Coby Stacy Obituary, Death –  Coby Dewade Stacy, who had been living in Bulan, Kentucky, passed away on the 14th of January, 2023, while undergoing medical care at the Hazard ARH Medical Center. Coby Dewade Stacy had been a resident of Kentucky. He was now 26 years old at the time. He was a member of the Army of the United States of America in the past and held a post there. Coby was the epitome of the type of person who was at their happiest when they were participating in an activity that was carried out in the fresh air and sunshine. He had a wide range of interests and hobbies, some of which were playing the guitar, working with horses, fishing, hunting, and participating in various outdoor sports and activities. He had a good time participating in each of these activities.

Miller & Sons employed Coby for a sizeable portion of the time that he spent working as a mechanic, therefore the company holds a special place in his heart.
Before he was born, his maternal grandfather, Doris DeWade Brewer, and both of his grandfathers, his paternal and maternal, Johnny Stacy and Tyler Fugate, went away. His paternal grandfather was named Johnny Stacy. His cherished cousin Tyler Fugate was the last of his relatives to pass away before he did. He was the last of his relatives to die. He was the final member of his family to pass away. His mother, Nikki Brewer Stacy, his father, Keith Stacy Jr., and his stepmother, Ronda, his two sons, Colton and Carson Stacy, his two sisters, Christen Huy (and her husband Josh) and Emily Stacy (and her husband Dillon), his two brothers, Brandon Stacy (and his wife Danielle).

and Dalton Stacy (and his wife Savannah), his maternal grandmother, Penny Brewer, and his paternal grandmother, Barbara Stacy, as well On Thursday, January 19, 2023, at one o’clock in the afternoon, the funeral service will be held at the Maggard’s Mtn. View Chapel. The Reverend Joe Engle will act as the event’s host and will also perform the duties of the officiant. In the United States, the interment will take place in the Stacy Cemetery, which may be found in the general area of Talcum, in the state of Kentucky. It has been decided that it will take place in this location.


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