Clee Streets Obituary, Mill Creek Central Railroad Mourns Clee Streets Passing

Clee Streets Obituary, Death – Mill Creek Central has been made aware of the passing of Clee Streets, who was a great friend to the community, and the organization wishes to send its most sincere condolences over the unfortunate news. Clee was a member of the community for many years. We are not aware of anyone else who has ever made a full-sized caboose out of wood; hence, we give him all of the credit for being able to accomplish so. When he took the train, he always rode the Nickel Plate route. It was his favorite. Clee spent a major portion of his time chasing after and firing at the enormous steam engines.

When he was a young lad, one of his favorite things to do was to take a seat and watch the Berkshires drive past Coshocton as though he were a bystander at a parade. This was one of his favorite activities. After a certain amount of time had passed, he eventually began the process of constructing a Berkshire that was powered by live steam. Clee has spent the better part of the recent years working at the railroad and having a fantastic time operating the dozer there. He has been doing this for a few years now. He was a vital contributor to all of our efforts, regardless of the shape those activities ultimately took, that had anything at all to do with race.

Everyone who had the privilege to know Clee will mourn his passing deeply, but we will make sure that his memory is honored whenever we run the railroad or travel through the Clee block. This will keep his legacy alive. We would be quite appreciative if you would say a prayer for our friend, who is devout and modest, and we implore you to do so in advance. Please know that we mean this with all sincerity.


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