Chris Philips, Chris Philips Of Zebulon Has Passed Away

Chris Philips Obituary, Death – Chris Greer Phillips, who lived in Zebulon and passed away on June 2, 2022, at the age of 51, has now left his life behind on our planet. Chris Greer Phillips’s passing marks the end of his time spent here. The passing of Chris Greer Phillips signals the conclusion of his time spent in this location. After reaching the age of 51, he was able to rejoice in the passage of yet another year of his life. The family will plan a private memorial service to be conducted at a later time in the state of Ohio. The service will take place at a location to be determined. This occurrence is scheduled to take place at a later period in the future.

A memorial service was held in Zebulon at the funeral home that was owned by William Toney in honor of the person who had died away. This meeting was filled with a great deal of love and respect for the individual who had died away recently. Please visit our florist shop if you would like to make a memorial donation of a tree or a floral arrangement to the Phillips family in honor of Mr. Chris G. Phillips. This will allow us to assist you with your gift and ensure that it is presented in an appropriate manner. Mr. Chris G. Phillips was a beloved member of the Phillips family. Come to our flower shop if you would want us to assist you in finding the ideal present for the individual who is on your list.

We would want to convey our appreciation to Mr. Chris by letting him know that we have dedicated a tree to his memory as a token of our admiration and appreciation.
We want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as we offer our most heartfelt and sincere sympathies for the loss that you have been forced to go through. Personnel working at William Toney’s Funeral Home, Inc. – Zebulon are included in this group. Helping to plant a memorial tree is a wonderful way to express respect for the person who has passed away by participating in the celebration of their life in a manner that is special to you.

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