Chris Leitch Obituary, 70 Years-Old, Chris Leitch Has Sadly Passed Away

Chris Leitch Obituary, Death – Chris Leitch was a candidate for Social Credit in the Whangarei seat. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends during this difficult time. Chris and I faced off against one another in every election that the two of us took part in. In more recent times, we have collaborated in order to fight against the closing of the Marsden, and one of the things that we have done is submitted a petition to the government. Not too long ago, only a few weeks ago, we carried on our discussion regarding this issue through the medium of email.

Chris Leitch, the leader of the Social Credit Party who had been battling throat cancer for a very long time, ended his battle with the disease early on Friday morning. He had been battling the disease for a battle with the disease for a very long time. His hometown was Whangarei in New Zealand. Among Leitch’s surviving family members are his wife Anne, his step-daughters Tracey and Darian, and his brother Tim Leitch. He is also survived by his son Andrew Leitch. Leitch lived to be 70 years old when he went dead.
Leitch was an avid supporter of the Social Credit party for a very significant portion of time.

Since 1972, when he initially became involved in the party, he has held practically every role there is in the organization, including the one of chairman. In recognition of the numerous and important achievements he has made throughout the course of his career, the party bestowed upon him the distinction of life membership in 2012. His grandfather ran for office in the 1960s, and both his father and his brother have made multiple bids for political office in the past. His family has a long tradition of political ambitions. Since its inception in 1953, the Social Credit Political League has participated in each and every election, as well as the vast majority of by-elections that have taken place in the seven decades that have passed since their beginning. In addition, the Social Credit Political League has been active in the vast majority of by-elections that have taken place.

In that time frame, it was able to carry out successful elections for a total of six members of Parliament (MPs).
To the very end of his life, Leitch remained steadfast in his determination to continue to fight for the principles in which he believed. At the end of the year prior, he sent a petition to the government demanding that it maintain operations at the Marsden Point Oil Refinery. He wanted the government to keep the refinery open.


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