Chase Barclay Obituary, Gadsden Alabama, Gadsden Firefighter Has Passed Away

Chase Barclay Obituary, Death – Chase Barclay of Gadsden, Alabama has sadly passed away. He is the parent of Michael and Amanda Barclay of Listowel, as well as Stephanie and Stephane Gratton of Atwood. All four of his children currently reside in Atwood. Both Robin Feldmann and Mika Feldmann were born and raised in Point Clark. I am beyond ecstatic to get the opportunity to play the part of Poppa for Nicholas, Brooke, and Addison Barclay; Courtney (Cole McKee), Chase, and Jenna Gratton; and Gavin and Kirsten Feldmann.

Gail (Edwards) Barclay, his father Keith Chase Barclay, and Norah Retzler (Hall), his mother, all left before he did. All three of his parents also left before he did. The news of his passing came as a shock to everyone. The Reverend Ralph Dwarika presided over the funeral service that was held privately for the Gratton family at the residence of the deceased person in Atwood. The service was performed in memory of the Gratton family member who had passed away. The memorial service was carried out as a sign of respect for the person who had passed away.

It was decided that the burial should take place at the Fairview Cemetery in Listowel, therefore that is where it happened. Because of the wide variety of things that interested Chase, such as birds, plants and gardening, the culinary arts, and his employment as a butcher, he was well-known to a significant number of people. In addition to that, he had a stellar reputation in the kitchen for his cooking abilities.

John and Gail spent a significant amount of time getting to know the employees of the Golden Barrel Restaurant in Listowel as well as the patrons that frequented the establishment throughout the course of the many years that they owned and operated the business. As a direct consequence of this, they forged many wonderful connections with members of both communities. We will always be grateful for the amusing jokes and insightful remarks that he shared with the individuals who were in close proximity to him. This is something that we will always remember and value.

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