Charles Wetherbee Violinist Obituary, GoFundMe Opened For Charles Wetherbee

Charles Wetherbee Obituary, Death – Charles (Chas) Wetherbee, who was the concertmaster of the Boulder Philharmonic and the first violinist of the Carpe Diem String Quartet, died this morning. He also worked at the CU College of Music as a teacher. Kari, his wife, wrote on the family’s GoFundMe page, “I write this with tears in my eyes, but wrapped in all the love we’ve felt over the past few weeks and months…” Chas wrote his last note last night with a lot of his family and friends around him.

I now know that his life’s work was a symphony with the grandest, sweeping, and lyrical beauty and that each note of that music was made up of the millions of interactions he had with everyone who came into his life, including all of you. All the nice things people have said here and elsewhere make it clear. In the end, that’s all we are: parts of each other’s songs, all connected, all playing notes in each other’s songs. This is something we can all learn from how Chas lived his life. “There will be many parties to celebrate his life, some with just his family and others with everyone.

But you can be sure that music will be a part of all of them as we remember this beautiful soul, my lifelong love, and all that he did for the world.” The classical music scene in Boulder was changed a lot by Chas’s work with the Boulder Philharmonic, the Carpe Diem Quartet, and as a solo artist. We’re going to miss him so much that we can’t even say it. Charles Wetherbee plays the violin. We call him “Chas.” He is married to Karina Wetherbee, who loves him very much.

He also has three wonderful children, all of whom he loves very much. He’s also a professor, a neighbor, a friend, and the leader of a chamber music group. Over the years, his passionate, charming personality and the range and power of his art on stage have all enchanted us.


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