Charles West Obituary Oklahoma City, Charles West has died

Charles West Obituary, Death – When I found out that Charles West had passed away, I was shocked and overcome with an intense feeling of loss…. When Miranda and I first met him a few years back, we were at Louie’s marveling at his car in the parking lot when we were introduced to each other. Because we weren’t familiar with one another at the time, we didn’t really have the opportunity to become acquainted with one another on a deeper level. Miranda’s level of excitement reached an all-time high when he carried the chair out to the patio and then allowed her to sit on it.

She was so giddy that she could not contain herself. No matter how frequently our paths crossed, he never failed to behave like a proper gentlemen. Have a peaceful rest. Given the circumstances, Charles West, it would be unethical to remain quiet about what a terrific guy you were. It would be unethical to keep quiet about what a fantastic guy you were. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for being such a good friend to me and for being there for me whenever I needed you during the past four years.

Things about you that I will never forget include the color of your toenails, your everlasting sympathy for those who are battling addiction, and your adamant refusal to wear anything that even faintly resembled Ohio State orange. You made it a top priority to see to it that everyone in your immediate area received the utmost attention and care that you were capable of giving them.

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