Charles Pearce Obituary, Harness Racing NSW Mourns Charles Pearce’s Death

Charles Pearce Obituary, Death – The sad news is that Mr. Charles Frederick Pearce, who was the last trainer to use the Harold Park track, passed away not too long ago at the age of 87. The passing of Mr. Charles Frederick Pearce is the latest in a string of recent losses for the track. This piece of information has been brought to light as a result of the passing of Mr. Charles Frederick Pearce. The demise of Mr. Pearce, a crucial figure in the history of the Harold Park track, has tragically brought an important chapter to a conclusion. Mr. Pearce was an essential figure in the history of the track.

Charlie, or “old school” Charlie as he was more widely known, was a skilled horseman who operated his stables at number 35 Susan Street in the city of Annandale. His address was 35 Susan Street. His home was located at number 35 Susan Street. His address on Susan Street was number 35, and it was where his residence was. His home was located at number 35 on Susan Street, which was also the address he used for his business. Being in Mr. Pearce’s company was always a pleasure, and he was fairly kind in sharing his extensive store of information with a large variety of different people. In particular, he had a great deal of knowledge concerning the education of horses throughout the formative years of their lives, which is while the horses are still young.

The funeral service for Mr. Pearce will be place in the “Mary Mother of Mercy Chapel” in Rookwood Cemetery the following Wednesday, January 11, at two o’clock in the afternoon. Mr. Pearce had passed away the previous Monday, January 9. Since Mr. Pearce had already died away the week before, we won’t go into further detail about his passing on January 10. I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Harness Racing New South Wales and the industry as a whole, to offer our most sincere sympathies to Mr. Pearce’s family and friends. Mr. Pearce was a pioneer in the harness racing profession.


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