Charity Akers Beckley West Virginia Obituary, Charity Akers Beckley Has Passed Away

Charity Akers – A phone call came in notifying me of an automobile accident. When they said one name and that they didn’t know who the other girl was, I immediately thought of you… “I’ll call you back, I need to check on Charity,” I said… you didn’t answer. My heart sunk, so I contacted another acquaintance and asked whether they had talked to charity today, hoping against hope that they had just hung up with you. Instead, she continued, choked up, “you don’t know what happened,” and I burst into tears because I knew…for whatever reason, I knew the moment I heard about the wreck. Something inside me told me it was you, and all I could think was that it wasn’t real and that you’d pick up the phone.

We had so many plans that we kept saying that when we’re both single again, we’ll just move in together and forget about relationships. I’ll never be able to carve pumpkins without remembering you and our photo shoot with the kids. That was the very last pumpkin I carved. I’ll never go to the splash pad without thinking of you; I went the first time with you and the babies.
When Kaiden cries in the car, I remember how many times we had to pull over for Carter because you never let her cry, you are such a wonderful mother.
I’ll never go to city limits without picturing you galloping around, full of light and excitement.

We were so amusing together that we could go for days without seeing one other, and when we did, we ran and hugged and forgot about everyone else because we couldn’t stop talking. I’m going to miss our catch-ups more than you can imagine. I suppose I’ll try your garlicky apple for you. You and Bri had better not laugh too long at my reaction or I’ll gag.
You’ve always said you’d do everything to have another conversation with Bri. I know she’s up there waiting for you, and you’ll never have to say goodbye to her again. I pray you are filled with serenity and joy. Just keep in mind that Carter will never forget you, and she will never be alone, I guarantee.

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