Calvin Smith Obituary, Calvin Smith Has Sadly Passed Away

Calvin Smith Obituary, Death – On Saturday, the 28th of January 2023, the funeral and burial services for Calvin L. Smith “Cowboy” will be held at Oak Grove Baptist Church. These services will be followed by the burial of Calvin L. Smith’s “Cowboy.” The above-mentioned activities will take place at this particular location, as that is the option that has been chosen. The neighborhood of China Grove, North Carolina, may be found in the area indicated by the zip code (28023), and the address of the church that serves the neighborhood can also be found in that region (1205 S. Main Street). The wake will start at noon and continue on until one in the afternoon, and the funeral ceremony will begin at one in the afternoon. Both events are scheduled to take place on the same day. The afternoon time slot has been reserved for both of the activities.

Both of these events have been given the afternoon slot, which has been set aside for them. Both the wake and the funeral will take place in the Bethesda AME Zion Church in Mooresville, North Carolina. This church will serve as the location for both events. In addition, the funeral and burial will both take place at that location. Both of the events that they have planned will take place in this church, which will be used for both of the events. In order to supply further information, the address in question is 1425 Shearers Road. This helps to clear up any confusion about the situation. The wake and repast will be hosted at Oak Grove Baptist Church immediately after the funeral and the ceremonies associated with the burial have come to a close.

The members of our family who are currently live in the structure that my parents presently refer to as their house is particularly delighted to have guests come to their residence at this time. The building that my parents currently refer to as their house is located in. In lieu of monetary memorial offerings, floral arrangements may be sent to the Clark Funeral Home, which can be found at 923 Indiana Street, Kannapolis, North Carolina 28083. The zip code for the funeral home is 28083. The zip code 28083 is the location of the funeral home if anyone is interested in sending floral arrangements as a form of condolence. The funeral home’s address, which is 28083, may be found in the previous sentence. In the event that you require the services of the funeral home, you can find it located at 923 Indiana Street in the event that this is necessary. The information regarding the location of the funeral home, which is 28083, may have been provided to you in the term that came before this one. If it does, I would ask that you use that.


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