Caitlyn Reyna Obituary, Driver killed, Another in Critical Condition After 2-vehicle Victoria Crash

Caitlyn Reyna Obituary, Death – Unfortunately, as a consequence of a head-on collision that took place on Thursday in Victoria, one of the drivers who was engaged in the incident lost their life as a result of the incident. There were two cars involved in the crash. The injuries that Caitlyn Reyna, age 21, received as a direct result of an event that took place on Thursday evening in the 1900 block of Southwest Moody Street caused her to leave this world. The severity of her injuries ultimately proved to be fatal, and she passed tragically as a direct result of those wounds. The following information was supplied to the media by Lauren Meaux, who acts as a spokesperson for the Victoria Police Department. This written statement was released to the public on Friday.

According to Meaux, Reyna was driving a silver Toyota Corolla in the direction of the south when she made a U-turn into the path of oncoming traffic and was responsible for a head-on accident with a blue Mercury Grand Marquis. The mishap occurred as a direct result of Reyna’s conduct. Lanndon Smith, who is 38 years old, was the driver of the Mercury and he was driving it as the driver. He was operating the vehicle in his capacity as the driver. Both of the drivers have licenses that are in good standing and make it abundantly evident that they are locals of the Victoria area. As a result, we are aware that both of the drivers are permitted to operate motor vehicles.

Due to the fact that neither of the vehicles that were being driven contained any passengers other than the two people doing the driving, neither of the vehicles could be considered to be in a fully occupied state. The incident caused severe damage to be sustained by both autos as a direct result of the impact.


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