Bruno Nava Obituary, Frankfort man killed in industrial accident at Georgetown stamping plant

Bruno Nava Obituary, Death – A worker was killed at YS Precision Stamping on Corporate Drive about two in the morning on Monday as a consequence of an industrial accident that occurred there. The accident occurred around two in the morning. Monday was the day that the event took place. When the accident had happened, it was somewhere about two in the morning.

Bruno Nava, who was later determined to be the victim, was discovered to be 52 years old at the time that the crime occurred in Frankfort, where he had been residing at the time. The Scott County Coroner was the one who provided us with this information. It was he who presented it to us in the first place.

The Georgetown Police Department is currently in charge of the investigation because they were the first to arrive at the scene of the incident after it occurred. They were the ones that were asked to come to the location of the incident.

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