Brooke Gillenwater Obituary West Virginia, Brooke Gillenwater passed away in a car accident

Brooke Gillenwater Obituary, Death – Madyson Brookeann Gillenwater (Brooke), age 22 and a resident of Ashford, West Virginia, passed away on March 8, 2022. Her full name was Madyson Brookeann Gillenwater. Her mother Peggy and her father Stevie Gillenwater were on hand in Charleston, West Virginia, on December 7, 1999, to greet their new daughter as she entered the world. Not only did Brooke have breathtaking good looks, but she also had a lovely personality, a crazy sense of humor, an uplifting attitude, and an incredible capacity to see the best in other people.

These qualities will ensure that she is remembered for the rest of time, and not only for her good looks. When people wanted to have a good time, they always went to Brooke. She was the person everyone turned to. She was the highlight of the performance and her mother referred to her as her “little diva.” She was held in high esteem by all. Brooke had the uncanny ability to make everyone she encountered smile and have a wonderful time wherever she went.

Daniel Kolhton Edward Haney, the man that Brooke cherished more than anybody else in the world, as well as her grandfather Darrell Copen and grandma Karen Dunfee, all left this world before she did.

She is survived by her mother, Peggy Dunfee Gillenwater; her father, Ronald Steven Gillenwater; her step-father, Matthew Thomas; her brother, Stephen Cole Gillenwater; her sister-in-law, Hayley Gillenwater; her step-sister, McKenzie Thomas; her step-brother, Matthew Thomas; her grandmother, Sandra Gail Halstead Gillenwater; her grandfather, Steve Gillenwater; her grandmother, Betty Davis Gillispie; her grandfather, Donald Gillis Scott Williams, Allison Gray, and their close buddy Scott Williams

Brooke was one of a kind, the life of the party, and the kind of person who had the ability to have an imprint on the lives of anyone she came in contact with. She was the kind of person who could make a difference. Everyone who ever had the privilege of spending time in her company will feel a profound loss upon her passing.

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