Brittany Redden Obituary, Resident of Parkside Has Passed Away

Brittany Redden Obituary,  Death – On January 13, 2023, at the age of 33, Brittany T. Redden was involved in a tragic accident that resulted in her death. The tragedy was caused by a car colliding with the bicycle she was riding at the time. Brittany enrolled in Sun Valley High School in 2003 and continued her education there until she graduated in 2007. In addition, she did much of her growing up in the Parkside neighborhood, which is where she currently resides. Brittany had a wide range of interests, and some of her favorite things to do were fishing, listening to music, helping other people, telling jokes, and traveling on trips both close to home and further afield.

Due to the forceful nature of her personality, Brittany was not merely the most engaging aspect of the gathering; rather, she was the gathering itself. She felt blessed to have a life, a loving family, and so many wonderful friends. She gave thanks for all of these things. She was the kind of person who was always there to make others happy, and as a result, she won the admiration and affection of everyone who knew her. The infectious smile that Brittany wore, along with the fact that she knew everyone, including those she had never met before, made everyone’s day that much better.

She felt a profound sense of affection. She has a history of working in Delaware County, having done so at Mrs. Marty’s Deli, Tom Jones, Maximillians, Brick & Brew, Seriano’s Pizza, TB’s, and most recently, J.T. Brewski in Primos. All of these establishments are located in Primos. Brittany was an incredible cook who also had a deep love for food and the culinary arts.
Before Brittany was born, both her mother and grandparents, Thomas Price and Carole Price, passed away. Her father’s parents, George and Agnes Redden and Jean Miller, all passed away before she was born. Robert Miller, Brittany’s grandfather, passed away before she was born. Brittany herself did not live to see his passing.

Her devoted parents, Ira and Vicky Redden, along with her cat Moo- Moo and her brothers, Michael Redden (Amanda) and Courtney Redden, are some of the people who managed to escape the fire (Allie), She is also survived by her aunt Charlene, who she was very close to, her nephews Evan and Michael Jr., a great number of cousins and friends, and her uncles Roger (Cindy), Dean, Tommy, George, and Bill (Gail) Redden. She had a close relationship with all of these people.



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